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Black Gora enslaves Pashtuns in Pakistan after White Gora left: KP Chief Minister

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: The Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province on Saturday said Pashtuns in Pakistan under the command of “Black Gora” (Punjabis) had been treated as slaves after the “White Gora” (Britain) which needs public uprising to achieve the fundamental and historic rights.

Addressing a gathering on FATA issues in Jinnah Convention Center in Islamabad, Pervez Khattak, said Pashtuns and other small ethnicities with the exception of Punjabis have been suffering worst from the day first when the “Gora Sahib left and handed over command of the state affairs to the Kala Sahib” of Pakistan.

Highlighting the ongoing genocide of Pashtuns in FATA at the hands of state sponsored terrorism and man-made religious extremism, Khattak hit out the ruling class of Punjab and labeled them as perpetrators of wrongdoings with Pashtuns in the country.

“Pashtuns in Pakistan have been deprived of their fundamental rights and peaceful life,” he added.

He urged the Kala Sahib of Punjab to put an end to their inhuman and anti-Pashtun policies, adding Pashtuns in FATA must be given sovereignty over their resources and the State of Pakistan has to turn around its pro-terror policies and withdraw its occupation over Pashtuns resources.

Time is ripe for the ruling class of Pakistan to ensure fundamental rights for Pashtuns in FATA by ending the ongoing violation of human rights in the area and its use as a launching pad for cross-point terrorism must be stopped, he warned.

Khattak further went on saying Pashtuns in Pakistan; especially FATA people are being needed of public uprising against the anti-Pashtun policies by the State of Pakistan to raze it to the ground and make better life for their future generations.

The British had while ruling since 1857 to 1947 had been doing government with specific class of people among the locals from sub-continent which they handpicked and chosen from poor and slum dogs with no noble backgrounds and rewarded them with money and properties to serve their purposes. Such type of people had injected in civil and military establishment, politics, religion and all other walks of life. Now all of them are powerful political families and they are found everywhere in the country, controlled by the Black Gora from Punjab province. Aitcheson College in Lahore, Oxford University and Cambridge University has been serving as production factories of ruling class for Pakistan. 95 percent of the ruling class in Pakistan is being composed of Aitcheson graduates. Pervez Khattak is one among them. However, the remaining five percent from Oxford and Cambridge Universities are more powerful than the 95 percent from Aitcheson College. This time in Pakistan, a number of political parties have been struggling for FATA merger into Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, aimed at unilaterally integrating FATA region into Pakistan. However, some Pashtun nationalist political parties are opposing FATA merger. Importantly, the majority of FATA people want installation of United Nations led administration in FATA to eradicate terrorism and provide them an opportunity of holding an independent Jirga of FATA people under the shelter of UN to decide its fate—the right path to win war on terror and establish durable peace and stability in the region and around the globe.


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