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Blatant frauds in elections loom crises: Rana Think Thank

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KABUL:Experts and political personalities participating in the Rana Think Tank monthly session contended that blatant frauds in forthcoming presidential elections, salted for 28th September, would lead the contest to a crisis and that would be in a great consequence.   

Political expertstermed peace as top priority for the Afghan people and the US administration, thus therewere hugeoptimismover it.However, according to them, the seventh round of talks between US peace envoy and the Taliban group that ended with no clear result, had put Afghan masses in double situation—to go for elections, or wait for any possible peace deal.

Political pundits furthered that Afghan people after realizing deadlock in peace talks, thought the Taliban negotiation team are up to restoration of Islamic Emirates, which is not acceptable for Afghans, including women, civil activists and political parties.

The fragile situation of peace process has pave ground to the government to use the opportunity and startmotivation programs to encourage people to be ready for elections. According to exports, conducting election is more possible, but would be fraudulent elections as of the past.

Having a glance to the 2014 election challenges, which finally resolved after US meditation that imposed National Unity Government (NUG) on Afghan masses, the experts said and believe on same scenario.

Touching upon, last year’s parliamentary elections, the experts believe that upcoming presidential election will be conducted in full fraud.

It is not so easy, and the government can’t escape with it so simply, the political pundits said, adding fraudulent election won’t be acceptable for, people thus it will be fallowed with huge crisis, wherethere will be no other option but to go for an interim government.

Although,elections considered the greatest way and platform of democracy, which is widely considered the most perfect option for the people to form a real national government with real votes, but unfortunately,the Afghan people often witnessed that these electionswere sullied by fraud, corruption, and bribery,the participants said.

Moreover, the result that comes out from elections will not be accepted by presidential candidates as they have doubts over transparency of the process, the experts said.

So lack of implementation of real reforms based on people and political party’sexpectationis a clear sign that the coming presidential polls would be blighted by more challenges and crisis.

A political pundit, Danish Bakhtyari said the Afghan people have two main subjects for their destiny—one is peace and second is elections. “When peace process started, people haveforgottenabout elections as their demand was peace,” he said, adding, “now election is priority for them.”

According to him,the upcoming presidential pollswill not be free, fair and nationwide as people expects, thus the outcome of election won’t be acceptable for the competitors, and for their supporters that will defiantly results into chaos and crisis.

He believes an interim government will be formed as there would be no power to control these crises. “APashtoon who belong from a royal family, be a good Muslim and have support of prominent and national figures, would come as head of interim government,” he elaborated. 

He explained that the interim government will be established for two years and it will have duties to pave ground for free, fair and transparent elections.

Former Head of the Independent Commission for the Supervision of the Implementation of the Constitution ICSIC, Gul RahmanQazi said all Afghan people have responsibility in regards to peace, so it is essential for themto take active part in the national processes for their better future.

He hoped for a durable peace to be restored, and such a government to be acceptable for all the Afghan masses.

Another Political Expert,AhmadullahNawid said that US is serious to bring peace in Afghanistan than before. “USeminent that achieving success through war is impossible, thus concentrated over peace process,” he said, adding, “US will consider having a regional consensus in regards to peace in Afghanistan.”

Other participant of the session has called for unity among Afghans, terming it important for a united and stable Afghanistan. According to them, the Afghan masses must realize their responsibilities for their country, and stand as a one nation to end the challenges.

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