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Blessing is in peace

By Mohammad Ehsan Panjshiri-Peace is a sacred, pretty and valuable in the life of human being and is considered very important, because people can have co-existence, calm and joyful life in the light of peace and away from the inauspicious incidents of war.

The results of the past four-decade war in our country have been killing of innocent people, children lost their parents, parents lost their sons and daughters, people lost their parts of bodies, displacement, depriving, being oppressed, poverty and joblessness, fratricide, increase in language, religion, regional and ethnic discriminations, so eventually all other evil things which its seen and heard is far from human tolerance.

The Muslim nation of this land has felt it with their flesh and skin and except sadness of the nation, destruction, backwardness of the country and division among people, nothing else has come out from war.

We all know that irrefutable interventions of regional countries caused melting away of our people, also lead to widespread disputes and wars among the various ethnic of the country, as a result about three million Afghans were martyred, injured, disabled, or migrated to foreign countries.

In spite of all the abnormality, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan based on verses of Holy Quran, which blessing is in peace, has been making abundant efforts in persuading the Taliban group from different channels to nod for peace talks. Representatives of regional countries and world have been invited to Kabul, asking for help from Pakistan and other countries. Later, Ulema meeting of Afghanistan and Pakistan organized in Indonesia. The scholars of the three countries strongly condemned the ongoing war in Afghanistan, calling for immediate halt to the war. But unfortunately, such approaches failed to stop war, and to convince Taliban for peace talks.

In recent efforts, the Afghan government brought hundreds of Ulema under one umbrella in Kabul, and religious scholars in Loya Jirga tent, labeled the ongoing war illegal and prohibited, emphasizing for instant end to the violence. The religious scholars called the killing of civilians and suicide attacks forbidden, asking the warring parties to agree on ceasefire. But the armed groups in response to scholars, in a due time carried out suicide attack, martyring religious scholars.

Besides that, the unilateral ceasefire was announced by President Ashraf Ghani from 27th of Ramadan till end days of Eid. Taliban group also declared three-day ceasefire during Eid days. They shunned violence during three Eid days. The government and the Afghan people widely welcomed the truce, terming it a significant step in bringing peace and stability. Thus, the leaders of the National Unity Government extended ceasefire for 10 days more, but Taliban did not positively respond rather carried out military operations in some parts of the country.

However, the criticizing point is that why the Taliban group has been deceived and mislead by strangers, and through their guidance making their people and nation prey victims to the outsider demands, causing devastation, and ruining of the their own country.

How this group is giving rights to themselves for allowing felony and commits treachery against the innocent Muslim people of Afghanistan. And why is tagging horror and violence to Islami and fabling its beauty.

Why honorably claims responsibility of the genocide of innocent people and why claiming un-Islamic and brutal acts of violence. At all, till when we should knotted the beautiful name of Talib to violence and horror. It does not only create abhorrence, but also separate Muslims in different shape that only the enemies of Islami could be benefit from it.

However, whatever said here is just to convey message to my dear fellow countrymen and women across the country and to all tribes that must not let more bloods of our Muslim brothers and sisters to spill out more than this. Must turn personnel, language, and region interests to national interest and give a glade tiding of peace to the peace thirsty nation in order to live like one united nation in dignified country. Let’s jointly save our country from all sorts of oppression and push it toward durable peace, stability and durable development.

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