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Books bring peace tarnish violence

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KABUL: To trigger the society into betterment dais for the segments, a book exhibition with contribution of over 5,000 books had placed on a street of Khaikhana – an area located in capital city of Kabul to increase public awareness about the values of books that furnish wings and bolster up knowledge.

There are several types of books, the organizers said, adding it contained of social, philosophy, psychology, politics, and also books for children.

Through Afghanistan has gone through years of war that vastly dragged people away from education and book readings, but the capital citizens have recently shown interests for a democratic society, freedom of speech and values of education. Most of the book sellers are satisfied because the youths have been allocating their time for studying and reading books.

The banner hanging on the wall of the exhibition reads “books bring peace and say no to the war”.

Shaid, an organizer of the exhibition said he came with hundreds of books that have the best articles to embrace the world with happiness and experience. He called on the citizens to support them in rebuilding the culture of book reading.

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