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BRP calls on Baloch pro-independence parties to unite

AT-Geneva: President of Baloch Republican Party (BRP) Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti invited all Baloch pro-independence parties and leaders to unite. A press statement issued by the party secretariat, on Sunday, Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said that Baloch Republican Party has been a political and a democratic organization which represents the Baloch nation and believes in peaceful struggle.

“BRP has been making efforts to solve the Balochistan issue through political and peaceful means, but the Pakistani establishment and its security forces have always tried to suppress the Baloch movement at gunpoint,” he lamented. Talking about recent news stories about negotiations with Pakistan, he said every movement had to come at the negotiation table at some point to achieve its goals and therefore, as a national political party, BRP possessed the authority to represent the cause of Baloch nation through peaceful and political means.
“Dr. Malik Baloch made several requests for meeting in the past but they were rejected as he has no authority over the matters, which he accepted himself in the recent meetings and said that he works only as a messenger,” Bugti added. He said of his meeting with CM Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik in Switzerland, adding that he also made it clear to state representatives that negotiations were not possible as long as the atrocities in Balochistan continued.
Bugti added that it was not the first ever time that Pakistani state called for negotiations or the Baloch leaders had been in contacts with and held meetings with the representatives of the state government.
“Before this, Nawabzada Hairbyar Marri held meetings with the then interior minister Rehman Malik during Peoples Party’s government and so has Dr. Allah Nazar been in contact with current CM Balochistan, Dr. Abdul Malik. BRP respects the decisions of these leaders to contact with state authorities, and in spite of being unaware of their agendas, we never criticized these decisions in the hope that Baloch national interest was prioritized in those communications,” Bugti said.
He said that in the current circumstances, it was his responsibility to inform the Baloch nation about some mistakes and weaknesses in the Baloch movement, adding that disclosing some facts might benefit the enemy but concealing them would harm the Baloch even more.
He furthered that father of the nation, Nawab Akbar Bugti always tried to bring the Baloch under one platform and create unity among them by establishing a united platform or a single party.

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