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Businesswomen invested $350m in past 14 years: AISA

By Akhtar M. Nikzad-KABUL:  The Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA) says that female traders and entrepreneurs have invested $350 million in the past 14 years.

“They have invested in 23 sectors,” Qurban Haqjo, head of the agency said Wednesday. “Their bravery is appreciable because they have defied many challenges.”

He said that 5,800 women had received business licenses in the past 14 years, but called it not enough as 600,000 licenses had been received by men.

The AISA appreciated 23 elite female entrepreneurs who had played significant roles in the economic sectors.

Haqjo said that economic activities had been decreased after the international donation declined.

He termed investments vital important in areas of mining, agriculture, construction and industries, adding that female entrepreneurs can play important role in supporting of the natural economic growth in the current situation.

“Women comprise one percent of the investment in the country which is very low comparing with the men’s investment,” Haqjo added.

He termed insecurity, cultural restrictions, lack of markets, business and professional skills and long-term debt by government as major constrains toward businesswomen in the country.

He asked the government to pave the ground for businesswomen and support the female entrepreneurs through providing long term debts and establishment of women markets.

Deputy Minister of Women Affairs Spojmay Wardak called poverty as one of the serious national challenges mostly for women, adding that current war took the place of job and work in the country.

“It is wonderful that all the youth seek job, but there is no responsible administration to create employment opportunities,” she said.

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