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C-SAMF launched to connect people to people in the region

By Farhad Naibkhel

KABUL: The China-South Asia Media Forum was launched at the sidelines of the second China-South Asia Cooperation Forum (C-SACF) at the lakeside of Fuxian Lake in Yuxi city of China from 11th June to boost people to people’s connections and build constructive relation between China and South Asian countries media outlets.

The session was attended by officials and media representatives from China, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Seri Lanka, who all discussed the China and South Asia further media cooperation toward connectivity of people to people in the region.

Speaking at the C-SAMF, Vice Chairman of Yunnan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference said that we amassed here to discuss future of media cooperation between China and South Asia countries in order to construct communication between people and media play a key role.

He said that mass media is growing rapidly and this forum has strong aim to for people to people exchange through media cooperation.

Media forum is aimed to make deeper media cooperation between China and South Asia countries, he added.

President of Cankaoxiaoxi, Xinhua News Agency Wang Chaowen said that culture and histories between China and South Asia countries has long story and media is a bridge between the mentioned countries and civilization and exchange views.

He said urged all to work together to improve coverage of economic news in China and South Asia in order to help the linkage between the China and South Asia countries.

We all together must step up efforts to promote interaction and cooperation between Chinese and South Asian media, he added.

He insisted that we must work together to enhance people-to-people exchange between China and South Asia.

President of Yunnan Media Group said that we need the power of economy nad technology as well as the power of cultural transmission.

He said that China’s cooperation with South Asia is a great treasure waiting to be discovered china is ready to live in harmony with and contribute to the development of South Asia.

He stated that Yunnan province is strengthening exchanges and cooperation with south Asian countries in all areas and in many fields in accordance with President Xi Jinping’s call for Yunnan to become China’s radiation center for south and Southeast Asia.

Yunnan and South Asian countries are good neighbors that cannot be moved away and true partners that cannot be separated, he underlined.

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