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C5+1 leaders debate Afghanistan amid its crisis

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KABUL – Leaders of C5+1 countries in a new statement said that their Special Session on Afghanistan on 27th July in Astana focused on challenges facing Afghanistan and explored ways to help the country overcome its crises.

Representatives from Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and the United States had engaged in discussions regarding the current situation in Afghanistan and its impact on the region. Focusing on cooperation between the U.S. and Central Asia, the session aimed to support the Afghan people and enhance security within the broader area.

One of the key points highlighted during the session was the unanimous call for support towards an inclusive, sovereign, stable, and self-reliant Afghanistan, free from terrorism. Participants underscored the importance of preventing Afghanistan’s territory from becoming a hub for terrorism, emphasizing cooperation to counter trafficking of various kinds.

The seriousness of the humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan prompted a united front from the international community. The need for a coordinated response addressing all dimensions of the situation was emphasized, including humanitarian access and adherence to International Humanitarian Law.

The goal of a stable and peaceful Afghanistan was stressed, contingent upon the meaningful participation of all Afghans, including women and minorities, in the country’s future governance. Freedom of movement, particularly for women, was a shared value, with support for regional connectivity and transit trade as crucial elements.

Amid progress in reducing opium poppy cultivation, concerns about ongoing drug exports and synthetic production in Afghanistan were expressed, aligning the interests of the entire region in eradicating drug-related issues.

Furthermore, the meeting reaffirmed commitment to higher education institutions in Central Asia, aiming to enhance regional connectivity and cross-cultural understanding. The importance of the United Nations’ presence in Afghanistan was highlighted, focusing on responsible governance, human rights protection, essential services, and creating conditions for Afghanistan’s self-reliance.

The Joint C5+1 Special Session showcased a collaborative effort to address Afghanistan’s challenges, promote stability, and foster regional cooperation, underlining the interconnectedness of the countries involved.

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