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Calls for revision of BSA on raise as activists urged its revocation

AT-KABUL: Afghanistan Citizenship Movement (ACM) on Thursday while criticizing the negligence of the International Community regarding external interference in Afghan affairs and attacks from outside the country against Afghan people, said that the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) with the United States did not improve the country’s security but instead deteriorated it therefore they asked the agreement to be revoked.

According to a statement sent by ACM, the movement said protecting people and their property is the top priority of the system, so if the Afghan government fails to protect them then the international community and the NATO must cooperate with the government of Afghanistan in this aspect.

They urged most of the terrorists are nurtured, equipped and supported outside the Afghan borders, and these terrorists are conducting subversive and terrorist activities in different parts of Afghanistan, which is a clear sign of interference by certain countries in the region.

In the security pact with the US it is clear that when Afghanistan came under foreign countries interference and attacks its international partners or allies must act against the aggressor countries, so considering the International Community’s negligence against such aggressions by certain neighbors, “we ask for revocation of the BSA” the citizens urged.

Pointing to increasing casualties among the security forces on the battle field, the ACM asked the government to discuss challenges and find solution and out ways for the above mentioned problems.

The demand by citizens comes in a while that yesterday prominent Jihadi and political leaders in a meeting to discuss the ongoing political and security situation of the country, called on government to revise the BSA, because other party of the agreement- the United States- has failed to deliver on its commitment, it made in the agreement with the Afghan people and government.

The country’s Lower House of the parliament also in a recent meeting decided to have discussions over the BSA in the next meetings of the house.

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