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Calls intensify for extension of violence reduction

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KABUL: The National Peace Address, a social organization has called the term of reduction in violence be prolonged.

Members of the organization asked the war parties to extend the violence reduction so that it could pave the ground for a complete cease fire.

Taliban announced a week-long reduction in violence similar to cease fire, in which the insurgents have been ordered to refrain from attacking Afghan and foreign forces all around the country.

Members of the organization, emphasized on Wednesday that the intra-Afghan dialogue should be held immediately after the US and Taliban peace deal was signed.

The deal is scheduled to be signed on Saturday February 29th in Qatar where the two sides held talks for more than one year, with presence of guests from 27 countries.

Taliban have already vowed to hold intra-Afghan talks after they reached a US agreement.

The insurgents have so far refused requests for holding talks with people from Ashraf Ghani’s administration.

The National Peace Address is formed of coalition from tens of parties and civil society bodies. It aims to mediate the war parties and wants the establishment of an impartial Afghan commission to help the peace process.

The organization asked leaders to not prioritize their personal interests than the national security and stability.

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