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Brain-drain discouraging campaign kicked off

Abdul Zuhoor Qayomi-KABUL: A month long campaign, entitled ESCAPE “Faraar”, launched on Saturday in Kabul to encourage Afghans to avoid illegal migration to western countries.

The campaign was initiated by a number of civil society activists in Kabul to encourage Afghans, particularly young generation, to avoid illegal migration to western countries.

Participants of the initiative called on the government and international community to provide job opportunities for youth, as most of the migrants leave the country due to unemployment and mounting insecurity.

The campaign started from first November will include street shows and public awareness programs on the risks of illegal migrations.

Intercommunity and Justice Organization (IJO) and Youth Empowering and Promotion Organization (YEP) are jointly running the campaign.

Participant of the campaign stressed that the professional brains are escaping in such a time that the country need them, because the international community is gradually leaving Afghanistan and it is now the duty of Afghans to work for prosperity of their country and countrymen.

Member of YEP, Humaira, told Afghanistan Times that “the main objective of the campaign is to encourage youths to build their country instead of seeking asylum in western countries”.

She also asked the government to improve security which is the main demandof the people to live and work in a peaceful environment.

Baryalai Zia, another participant of the campaign said that his only goal is to convey the message of youths “Solution for unemployment and insecurity” to the leaders of the National Unity Government (NUG).

Zahra Sultani another campaigner asked the international community to provide financial assistances to Afghanistan to create jobs and improve security.

Insecurity, lack of job opportunities and lack of trust on future are the main factors behind the mass-migrations of young generation to foreign countries, said the campaigners.

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