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Can Abdullah lead Afghanistan’s peace quest?

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KABUL: After a longstanding dispute over formation of an inclusive government, the two feuding Afghan leaders, President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah had signed an agreement to end the country’s political crisis, as Afghanistan already looming in a historic and fragile peace process, in addition to the pandemic covid-19 spread amid a feeble country’s health system.

Based on the agreement, Abdullah is responsible to leading all-kind of meetings regarding the peace process and that the decisions of the Consultative High Council are legally binding with the majority vote’s selection. Abdullah is authorized for appointments of the state ministry for peace affairs.

A political expert and observer of the Afghan peace process, Mushtaq Rahimi said that if Abdullah given the complete authority as mentioned in the agreement, the peace process would be taken a new picture to itself.

During his presidential rallies and campaign in 2019, Abdullah vowed that election should be held after ensuring peace and stability in Afghanistan.

Haji Din Mohammad, deputy of high peace council who has participated many Afghan peace summits said that if the government gives the authority of prisoner’s swap to Abdullah, the peace process would be led to successful path.

There have been always criticisms by the country’s political elites towards the two leaders, as the disagreement between them had put a negative impact on the Afghan peace process.

The US, who signed a peace deal with the Taliban on February 29th, had repeatedly urged the two leaders to reach a political solution and focus on the historic opportunity for peace in Afghanistan. When the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo failed to broker an agreement between Ghani and Abdullah, Washington cut an amount of one billion dollar in aid to Afghanistan.

Now after longtime dispute, the surface is seemed to be paved for further focusing on the peace process to end the endless war in Afghanistan. However, many believe that the success and failure of the process belongs to the Taliban, as the group is appearing reluctant to halt violence and engage in peace negotiations with the Afghan government.

In reaction to Ghani and Abdullah’ power sharing agreement the Taliban said that what is going on in Kabul is “only repetition of the past failed experiences”.

The Taliban Qatar Based Political Office Spokesman, Suhail Shaheen said in a tweet that solution of the Afghanistan’s issue depended on implementation of the US-Taliban agreement. “The prisoners’ release process should be completed and the intra-Afghan negotiations should start,” he added.

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