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Cancer kills 15,000 Afghans every year

Some 20,000 people get infected with cancer every year in Afghanistan, out of whom 15,000 lose their lives, ministry of public health said Wednesday.

A ministry official Dr. Sayed Habib Orwal said that women are the most victims of the disease with breast cancer.

“One of nine women gets the breast cancer that is the second deadly disease after the childbirth. This is a matter of concern. In general, 20,000 people are afflicted with cancer each year and 15,000 die,” said Orwal.

Physicians believe that two types of cancer target Afghans, saying that the genetic one could not be prevented. Lack of physical activities, consumption of alcoholic beverages, fatness and injurious rays have been considered as the most elements of cancer.

Dr. Orwal said that breast cancer could be prevented and treated if it was diagnosed on time.

“Cancer can be prevented by avoiding of fatness, smoking, alcohol consumption, stresses, milking kids for at least 2.5 years and suitable diet,” said Dr. NasrinOryakhil, honorary head of counter-cancer organization.

The ministry of public health says there are only two centers for cancer in Kabul’s Jomhuryat and Esteqlal hospitals. It plans to create another center for the disease in the Kabul Medical University.

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