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Candidates warn of “serious consequences” if Ghani overstays in power

By FarhadNaibkhel

KABUL:Majority of presidential runners on Monday warned the leaders of the National Unity Government of “negative consequences” if the president stays in power after his term ends on May 22nd.

Hopefuls of 12 out of 18 electoral tickets appeared in a press briefing and strongly opposed government’s writ after two days as it gets expired.  

For them NUG has no legitimacy after May 22nd and the 12 candidates had once gain reiterated over two alternatives to address the issue; 1- If the incumbent president gives up as a candidate, he can lead the acting government until the new elected government comes in; the option also includes vice presidents, who can continue their jobs if they abandon their electoral tickets; 2- caretaker government is the next option if the president did not step down from presidency.

Furthermore, they called continuation work of NUG leaders in contrary in principle of all governing affairs and against the constitution.

We will use all legal and possible means against NUG leaders if they keep working after 22nd May, HaneefAtmar, former National Security Advisor and a presidential candidate told the newsmen.

Giving deaf hear to our legal demands would have bad consequences for President Ghani, he said, who warned of using every tools to make him obey the law.

According to him, all the candidates would exercise all possible and legal means through nation and politician’s consensus against President Ghani and other elements breaching the law. “If president Ghani continue working after 22nd May, he will be responsible for any bad consequences,” he cautioned.

Cautioning to the senior officials of the government, Atmar said those, who support president Ghani in breaching law will also be responsible for crisis.

Pointing toward Supreme Court decision regarding extension of President Ghani’s term based on constitution interpretation, he said that lawyers and advocates have no consensus over it.

Moreover, he said President Ghani had lost his credibility before the nation and has no capacity to run free, fair and transparent nationwide election.

Coming up with an example, he said running of a controversial parliament election and twice delay in holding presidential election is a very much clear sign over his (President Ghani) incompetence.

Additionally, he touched upon ongoing peace talks and revocation of intra-Afghan talks in Doha. “Missing intra-Afghan talks is a big failure in the ongoing peace process,” he said, putting President Ghani’s wrong policy as main factor behind its cancelation.

He said this government is not loyal to the peace process and it would not spare any efforts to create barrier ahead of peace until electionin a bid to comeback in power for more five years through frauds.

We hoped NUG leaders accept candidate’s suggestion and obey the law, said another presidential hopeful Ahamd Wali Masoud. “Responsibility for the bad outcomes after May 22nd is utterly rest on the shoulder of NUG leaders,” he warned.

Another candidate Enayatullah Hafiz has expressed grave regrets over Supreme Court’s decision regarding extension of President Ghani’s term,saying President Ghani must have stop individualism.

He also called on Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah not to remain silent in such a crucial situation.

But President Ghani’s Deputy Spokesman Shahussain Murtazawai says presidential candidates had nothing new in their briefing, where he put Supreme Court as the only source to interpreting the Constitution, not individuals or groups.

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