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Carpet exports reach 1m square meters

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KABUL: The thriving carpet weaving industry in Afghanistan has witnessed a significant boost, with exports of nearly one million square meters of carpets in the past year, according to the carpet manufacturers’ union. Union officials are optimistic about further growth in the coming year.

With its rich heritage, the carpet industry holds a prominent position in Afghanistan, serving as the primary source of income for numerous families across the country. Mohammad Reza Heydari, the head of the Carpet Manufacturers Union, stated that the export figures surpass those of the previous year (1401 solar year) and are expected to continue increasing, potentially reaching up to a 15% growth rate.

To further support the export market, some carpet sellers are urging the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to promote Afghan carpets both domestically and internationally. Abdul Wali Sakhizada, a carpet seller, highlighted the need for the Islamic Emirate to create favorable conditions for increased exports, stating that the current export levels are suboptimal. Emphasizing the quality and condition of Afghan products, Azizullah, another carpet seller, expressed pride in representing Afghanistan and showcasing its excellent carpets to the world.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has implemented several plans to support carpet production and export. Abdul Salam Jawad Akhundzada, the ministry’s spokesperson, highlighted the successful exports and announced upcoming large exhibitions in Turkey, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates, where Afghanistan’s carpet sector is expected to play an active role.

Economic experts believe that increased government investment in carpet production will not only create employment opportunities but also strengthen the country’s national income. These efforts contribute to the economic growth and prosperity of Afghanistan.

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