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Editorial: Trump siding with the Taliban?

As experts state, the type of a future government and human rights would prove to be the key sticking points between the negotiating teams of the Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban. However, official discussions to elucidate that that’s the case haven’t even happened yet. It’s been a week since …

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Editorial: Negotiating a viable settlement to end conflict

After months of delay and wrangling, eventually the intra-Afghan talks opened this week in Doha for direct negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban. This was the direct result of an agreement reached between the US and the Taliban in February. Kabul was not directly involved in those negotiations, …

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Editorial: Issue of human rights

As the intra-Afghan negotiations offer hope for peace after more than four decades of conflict in Afghanistan, thoughts are circulating in almost all off Afghans’ minds regarding how would their future look like? The key demand of theirs is a sustainable peace settlement that ensures their human and other basic …

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Editorial: Heed what Afghans want!

The intra-Afghan talks is a fate-deciding phase in the Afghan peace process and thus wouldn’t be an easy and simple undertaking. Following Saturday’s opening ceremony, initial information suggests that as a first step, the negotiating sides are supposed to firm the agenda of dialogue, something that entails convening a meeting …

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Euphoria amid peace talks

Editorial: The much-anticipated announcement regarding the intra-Afghan parleys’ launch brought immense joy to the war-ravaged Afghans. The landmark peace talks were facilitated by the release of the remaining six death row Taliban inmates, who were confirmed to have arrived in Qatar in a special plane and would be supervised and …

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Editorial: Mysterious attack

In the run-up to long-anticipated intra-Afghan talks, the violence continues to victimize Afghans. The fierce and desperate calls for a ceasefire or even a reduction in violence are going unanswered. In a recent bout of violence, the convoy of Afghanistan’s First Vice President, Amrullah Saleh, was targeted in the heart …

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