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Schools will receive 37m textbooks

AT News KABUL: Text book shortage is one of major problems school students, teachers and ministry of education are facing. The government has not been able to resolve this problem by printing more text books as the books are worn soon. People are not at an economic situation to provide …

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Clerics ban forced marriage in Bamyan

AT News KABUL: Ulemas (religious clerics) in central Bamiyan province have banned forced and underage marriages, a nuisance that has ruined the lives of many girls who were forcedly marriage and being deprived of their all fundamentals rights.    The Ulemas said that some cultural taboos like force and underage …

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Editorial: Edgy talks

With the peace talks stalled, the details of intensifying doubts on the real intentions that are exactly cooking in Doha, and its implication to trigger Afghanistan into further uncertainty, are increasingly hard to pin down. But, of course there’s one certainty—the Afghans will bear the brunt of what to come …

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Taliban are evading peace talks, Danish

AT News KABUL: Vice President, Mohammad Sarwar Danesh says that Taliban militants do not accept government’s offer that the holy Koran and prophet’s Sunnah should be the base of negotiations. Speaking at a gathering in the attorney general office, Danesh said that the government of Afghanistan has been always pioneer …

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A big policing problem

We have a big policing problem in Kabul. It is as if law enforcement agencies are in hibernation as criminals and thieves are exulting in their unbridled freedom in absence of rule of law. Crime and mayhem has crept in every nook and cranny of Kabul. The city has become …

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20 members of uprising forces defect to Taliban

AT News KABUL: At least 20 public uprising forces have joined the Taliban rank in Khwahan district of northern Badakhshan province. Provincial Police Spokesman, Sanaullah Rohani on Saturday said that the Taliban have staged attacks on the security checkpoints in Howz area of Khwahan district. According to him, 20 public …

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