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Opinion: Let’s make something at home

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-He has made a car, with his own money, by his own hands; it works. “I have not given up on Afghanistan yet,” Ahmad Murtaza proudly says, pointing to a car near to us in his yard. The 16-year old inspired talented Afghan didn’t remain in the news …

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Opinion: Remembering SMBB

By Afrasiab Khattak-It is not surprising that the debate about the murder of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto (SMBB), even ten years after its occurrence, is raising such deep emotions. After all, she was one of the most charismatic and popular leaders in Pakistan’s history, who was killed on December 27, …

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Opinion: The Geopolitics of the Lapis Lazuli Corridor

By: Shoaib A. Rahim-The New Silk Road initiative of the United States came to life in June 2011, when then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hinted at regional connectivity through rail lines, highways, and energy infrastructure — presenting the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline project as an example — in a speech …

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Opinion: The fundamental contradiction

By Afrasiab Khattak-Important  developments during this week (public explanation by the Chief Justice about recent court orders and the COAS’s Senate briefing) seem to have somewhat helped in defusing the crippling tension that had gripped the political situation  during the last few weeks with a severely negative fall out for …

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Battle for Lahore

By AfrasiabKhattak-After politically almost choking Islamabad to death through a sit in by a violent band of religious zealots in November, the action of the unfolding coup has shifted to Lahore in December to demolish the provincial government which is the actual base of PML-N rule over the country. By …

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Opinion: Government in opposition?

By Afrasiab Khattak-The pro establishment tv anchors and the so called defense analysts disparagingly comment on the “oppositional” attitude of PML (n) government. They ridicule it for making demands like a party sitting in opposition. But with the three years plus old creeping coup having entered quite an advanced stage, …

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