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Opinion: The AfPak tangle

By Afrasiab Khattak-The bloody summer this year in Afghanistan wouldn’t have been different from the last two years that saw a similar bloodshed had it not been for important political developments at the tail end of the fighting season. On August 21 US President Donald Trump declared a fresh strategy …

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Kabul’s Dangerous Water Problems

By Ambassador Dr. Zia Nezam,-A fundamental responsibility of a legitimately democratic government is to provide for the well-being of as many of its citizens as possible. There can be no well-being and sustainable economic development for Afghanis, if there is no or insufficient potable water. Any hope in modernizing Afghanistan …

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Taliban financial manager killed in Samangan

AT-KABUL: Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Sunday said that a Senior Taliban financial maanager Killed in northern Samangan Province. In a statement MoI said that Mullah Ramzullah known as Zubair, a senior Taliban financial manager killed by Afghan forces in Daikundi village of Dara-e-Sof district, Samangan province. The financial manager …

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Afghanistan’s Peace Weavers 

By Tadamichi Yamamoto-Paradoxically, despite a horrific and seemingly endless war raging around them, there are brave citizens building peace across Afghanistan every day. The United Nations is doing its best to listen to each and every individual who stands up for peace. Indeed, the UN sees these actors as beacons …

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Afghanistan’s survival demands the Afghan government unity

By Dr. Zia Nezam-To overcome the continuing Taliban and extremist threats, The Afghan government must first overcome internal rivalries and demonstrate unity. The unrelenting power-sharing disputes among different ethnic and political factions in the government undermine Afghanistan’s vulnerable stability. Our fragile national security and 17 years of achievements are jeopardized …

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Wonderful Afghanistan beyond headlines

By Ezzatullah Mehrdad-The unexplored beautiful land of Afghanistan waits for fascinated adventurers and tourists. From amazing northern landscape of Pamir to survived historical sites of the first regional civilizations in the region are unseen to most foreigners. Afghanistan beyond headlines of International media outlets can be far different. Survived historical …

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