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Central Bank asked to facilitate mass-cash withdrawal

Mohammad Parwiz Arian

KABUL: Businessmen and Entrepreneurs called on the Central Bank to facilitate withdrawal of the larger amounts of cash as business deals are scrambling with economical losses.

The call was made by a number of domestic investors at a gathering held on Thursday in Kandahar.

After the collapse of Kabul to the Taliban Islamic Movement, the banks and major business facilities remain closed for over a month. However the banks resumed activities, the amount of money individuals can receive is determined $200 or 20,000 AFs per week and the companies can withdraw 25,000 US dollars in one week.

“We ask the Islamic Emirate to revise the decision,” said businessman, Abdul Ahad.  Some companies have up to one million dollars in their bank accounts so paying only 25,000 is not justice.”

The investors complained that because of lack of sufficient cash their businesses have been hindered.

“The decision on withdrawing $25,000 per month will create challenges for us. We call the decision unjust. A company cannot operate by $25,000 a month. A company has a lot of expenses,” said Abdul Basir Paiman, member of medicine importers union in Kandahar.

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