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Central provinces feared to lose security

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KABUL: The central provinces mostly Hazara-dominated areas and once the most calm and safe provinces, are now feared to turn into insecure areas.

Though the roads connecting central areas to Kabul were not safe in the past, but recently Taliban militants have tried to expand their influence inside the Hazara-populated areas and clashes between their fighters and government forces were reported in the provinces of Bamyan, Daikondi, Ghor, Ghazni and Wardak.

Hazaras-populated provinces are mostly Bamyan and Daikondi, but the people from the ethnicity live in parts of the provinces of Wardak, Ghazni, Uruzgan, Ghor, Sar-e-Pul, Samangan, Balkh and Parwan too.

Jamal Fakoori Beheshti, representative of Bamyan in the parliament calls for deploying of more army troops in the Hazara areas. “The borders of Hazara areas with the provinces of Uruzgan, Ghazni, Ghor, Wardak, Bamyan and Sar-e-Pul have become unsafe by Taliban group who makes obstacles for passengers especially the Jalrez road in Wardak. I call on the government to deploy a military corps in the central areas for pushing Taliban back.”

The Kabul-Bamyan road in Wardak the shortest way to the provinces of Ghor and Daikondi, is unsafe for several years.

Taliban recently attacked the Pato district of Daikondi province during which 50 members of the public uprising force were killed and 100 families fled their homes.

Ghairat Ali Jawaheri, member of provincial council, warned of a human tragedy if government remains careless.

“Some very important and strategic areas will likely fall to Taliban in Pato district that will pave the way for them to take control of district center and even the Gizab district will also fall. Then Uruzgan province will fall to Taliban through Daikondi,” Jawaheri said.

Mohammad Ali Uruzgani, deputy provincial governor, said that shortage in troops and high-profile threats in the districts of Nawamesh and Kejran has caused the Pato residents to stand against Taliban lonely.

“Some villages are already in Taliban’s control and many residents have displaced. 50 of 150 public uprising forces were killed or injured. We are trying to coordinate with 205 Atal military corps for air attacks.”

Daikondi was a relatively calm province, but Taliban’s recent attacks have made it insecure.

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