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CEO Seems hopeful for Peace

AT-KABUL: In the prolong odyssey of Afghan fragile peace process, the chief executive office of Afghan government is optimistic for the result of the US  and Taliban officials meetings, held in Qatar to work out for the direct Afghan and Taliban officials talks.

A spokesman for the CEO said on Tuesday that US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad has traveled to Pakistan before his trip to Qatar, furthered the optimism has been expressed from Pakistan to put forward practical steps at this point.

He mentioned that Taliban should understand that the Afghan government is the only respondent of the final decision of peace talks.


“We expect Taliban to set out for the direct talks with the Afghan government. They can sits on peace talks with any other country but the final decision maker would be the Afghan government,” he said.

It comes as the US envoy for Afghan peace and Taliban has held talks for the fourth times in Qatar.

Taliban’s spokesman Zabiullah Mojahid said in a statement that the US officials and Taliban leaders held a convention in Qatar on Monday.

A source close to Taliban said the meeting has held in Qatar, the US and Taliban officials have gone into US troop’s withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, spokesman for the high peace council called on Khalilzad to make the ground for Afghan government to sit for direct talks with Taliban.

“We asked US envoy Khalilzad to facilitate talks between Afghan government and Taliban as soon as it is possible, this is better for both, for US and Afghanistan,” he said.

On the other hand Taliban has opposed to sit for direct talks with the Afghan government.

But the Afghan government urges that if Taliban has really intended to end the war, they would have sit for direct talks with the Afghan government.

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