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A chasm within the Taliban: Mullah Mansour group emerges in Nangarhar

AT Monitoring Desk-KABUL: Rebelling against the incumbent Taliban’s supreme leader, Mullah Mansour group has emerged in the eastern Nangarhar province, resulting in a division in the militant group.

The new Taliban splinter group has been distributed letters in Khogyani, Pachirawgam Chaparhar and other districts of the province in which the newly emerged group has strongly criticized the existing Taliban leadership and announced their disobedience. The letters distributed by the new splinter group were received by the residents of the mentioned districts and they handed over it to the security forces.

Contrary to the leaflets, Taliban termed it an intelligence plot, seeking rifts in the militant movement of Taliban. Taliban denied division of the group.

On Pashtu-scripted letters, Taliban has printed three mobile phone numbers, including a Facebook and an email address, urging the Taliban militants to register their grievances against the top leadership of the group.

The letter highlighted the weaknesses of the incumbent Taliban leadership as compared to the previous ones and internal division among the group’s leaders.

The splinter group has leveled many complaints against the current Taliban leadership and informed regarding their contacts with many others among the leadership of the group.

A security official on the condition of anonymity confirmed the letters and emergence of the new splinter group of Taliban in the above mentioned districts of the Nangarhar province.

Moreover, the Nangarhar governor’s spokesperson, Attaullah Khogyani also confirmed the issue and said they had received reports from some districts about the letters.

However, Taliban’s spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid said such type of “fake” letters were published and spread last year as well but there was no such issue in the Taliban leadership and the group is still united.

“The Kabul administration and the US intelligence, which are facing defeat across the country want to mislead people through such propaganda,” said Mujahid.

It comes at a time when the government has unfolded a comprehensive and precondition offer of talks to Taliban to end the conflict.

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