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Chief Executive ‘optimistic’ about Trump’s push for peace

KABUL: The government seems optimistic to what it calls “peace approach”, arguing the regional and international efforts had helped with the process.

The chief executive office says that US president Donald Trump’s recent statements on Afghan peace, made Afghans be more hopeful for peace.

“Now that regional and international efforts for Afghan peace have increased, we hope these efforts continue until Afghanistan reaches a longstanding peace,” Omid Maisam, spokesman of the chief executive said Wednesday.

Trump said on Tuesday during his Congress speech that progress over peace process would help the US reduce the number of its troops in Afghanistan.

“I have accelerated talks for reaching a political solution in Afghanistan. The other side (Taliban) is also interested in negotiation. Our forces have fought bravely and this is the result of their bravery that we can pursue a political way after this long war,” Trump addressed congressmen and women.

The US has now 14,000 soldiers in Afghanistan and the cost of its war in the country is reaching one trillion dollars.

Some politicians both Afghan and American are concerned over the US withdrawal, but the chief executive spokesman assures that Afghan-US struggle against terrorism will continue.

Taliban’s main condition to reach an agreement over peace is the US military drawdown and their negotiators have told US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad in their four-round of talks held outside Afghanistan.

Taliban who have reportedly half of the ground under control, are in talks with politicians mostly made up of the groups they fought in their five-year government in Moscow, while the government has no representative there.

“Trump’s words on the peace were good and we hope he makes practical steps in this regard. Washington should run the peace process in consultation with the people and government of Afghanistan. The US and our neighboring states should be honest in the peace process of Afghanistan,” said lawmaker, Erfanollah Erfan.

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