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‘Children used by local anti-Taliban militias’

AT-KABUL: The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) on Tuesday blamed the local armed groups who are fighting Taliban for using children as soldiers.

“Although I am aware that children are not in Afghan national security and defense forces, but unfortunately, they are used in uprising militias and local police, which in a way these forces are supporting by the government,” said Sima Samar, head of the AIHRC.

Speaking at Conference on Human Rights Day here, she said that she hoped using of children would stop by the aforementioned forces.

The local uprising militias are armed and financed by the government to maintain security of the remote rural areas, where the army and police have no presence.

Samar said that unfortunately children are faced to variety of violence in the country including heavy works, sexual abuses, physical abuses and in conflicts, which is can be considered as war crime.

She also expressed concerns over ramp up civilian casualties in the country and urged all parties including government, foreign forces and insurgents to strictly obey human rights law and protect civilians during conflict across the country.

She also criticized that still people have no access to justice as expected.

She said that if the government cannot facilitate accessibility to justice, insurgents will misuse the ground for their own benefit.

Pointing to conflict as another challenge, she insisted that the government must work for a durable and justly peace in the country.

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