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Children witness cruelly thronging their mothers

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KABUL: A video which has recently been gone viral on social media, have shown that two women are hardly and cruelly being hit with a throng by a number of individuals as part of punishment came out from Congo Court.

The location of the event is not clear but the scene shows that the cruelly act has been conducted in one of the Uzbek tribal’s residential areas in the northern Afghanistan.

The video shows that some women with baroque on them, setting in an open area, where two of them are hardly thronging by a man. The man in the video has worn Afghani clothes with a military jacket on it. In the scene of thronging, there is another man with a gun on his shoulder, bringing the hitter new bat as the older ones had been broken. Later on, this man also starts hitting the women with the bats. The reason for this violence has not been cleared yet but the video shows that a Mullah with a white lunge on his head has showed off.

With the screams and hard cries that women make, there is another sound of children crying in the background which shows that the kids are suffering from the scene of cruelty happening to the mothers.

However, the child is not on the video but the traumatized scream of the kid has clearly been hearable.

Despite, begging and pleading by the women, the men continues the thronging as cruelty and hardly as they can.

The people, who conduct such acts, claim that they implement the Islamic rules and regulation but this kind of violence can put mental affects on the children. Those children, who witness such violence, are psychological being damaged and that they would repeat the same acts in their adults with their mothers, brothers, and wives.

The children are emotionally connected with their mothers, feeling and show the initial reaction if anything bad happens to them. Witnessing such violence put some negative effects on the children’s future life as well.

In fact, the people that do such violent actions in front of the children are delivering the same people like themselves to the society.

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