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Chill in the air as heavy snow blankets Afghanistan

KABUL: The recent heavy snowfalls in different provinces have sparked hopes among the people of the end or at least decrease of drought dominating the country for several consecutive years.

Kabul city and its surrounding areas were twice covered by the white blanket of snow since the beginning of winter, a highly expected event that was welcomed by the capital residents.

Drought along with insecurity, joblessness and corruption threatens the lives of people especially in the central, western and northwestern areas. Last year, some 350,000 people left their villages in the provinces of Ghor and Badghis, moving to the neighboring province of Herat due to drought.

Officials in the ministry of water and power believe the recent snowfall was not enough to overcome the devastating drought, saying it began later than expected.

“The snowfall is fruitful, but it was expected to begin one month ago, we will have rainfall that begins next month that only causes flood. These waters will go out of the country as we lack enough dams to reserve them. We will have water only four to six months,” said Engineer Khan Mohammad Takal, deputy water and energy minister, adding that the government was planning to keep water.

“We try to control the condition and keep the water. Though the climate change affects us, but we will try to manage the water we have.”

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