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China, Afghanistan sign $2.2b deal for pine nuts exports

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KABUL: Afghanistan has signed a contract worth a whopping $2.2 billion with China to maintain original status of pine nuts and develops its markets globally.

“Although the pine nuts were exported globally, but they never got known as Afghan-product since it was smuggled to neighboring countries through illegal ways and then exported to the world as non-afghan product,” the Afghanistan Pine Nuts Union who signed the contract said in a statement.

According to the statement, the union has held a gathering of two sessions in Kabul, where several ministers and private sector owners participated.  

Mr. Yahya Khan Zadran the Co-Founder and President of the union called the new contract a tremendous opportunity which is opened for all sectors. In terms of processing and packaging of pine nuts, he said that there were several investments to create jobs opportunities.

He called on the Afghanistan National Bank to provide banking facilities to the pine nuts’ traders between Kabul and Beijing. He also emphasized on provision of transportation and security by the Afghan government with the investors. In the second session, two contracts were signed with the Afghanistan National Standard Authority and Khost Pine Nuts Union.

The contract was signed to control the market of pine nuts and prevent the approach of illegal hands towards the implementation of the contract with a cooperative and comprehensive atmosphere among the traders.

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