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China concerned over increasing tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan


Kabul: China has expressed growing concern over the escalating tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan. This concern was highlighted during a recent meeting between Chinese Ambassador Zhao Xing and Rahmatul Haq Fazil, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Taliban government. In the meeting, Fazil detailed Pakistan’s encroachment on Afghan territory and border conflicts, underscoring the importance of China-Afghanistan relations. The Chinese ambassador reiterated Beijing’s stance on regional security and stability, emphasizing the need for all parties to work towards de-escalation and peaceful resolution of conflicts. China’s concern underscores the potential ramifications of heightened tensions in the region and the importance of diplomatic efforts to address them.

However, tensions flared further when Pakistan conducted airstrikes in Paktika and Khost on Monday, resulting in the tragic deaths of eight civilians, including women and children. Pakistan claimed the airstrikes targeted a TTP commander named “Abdullah Shah,” but this assertion was refuted by the commander himself. Subsequently, clashes erupted between Taliban forces and Pakistan’s military in three border areas, resulting in casualties. The situation remains volatile, with concerns growing over escalating hostilities between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

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