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China expanding its tourism ambitions

By Seddiq Hussainy

China’s Gaoling district in Xi’an of Shaanxi province is promoting tourism and trying to attract foreign visitors.

Zhang Shaohui, Deputy Secretary of Gaoling District Committee told Afghanistan Times that the city has all preparations to receive foreign tourists to see the cultural and historical attractions and natural beauties of the city.

“Gaoling is located in the heartland of the Guanzhong plain and is a famous historical and cultural resort with thousands-year history,” he mentioned.

At a press meeting with a delegation of foreign journalists from the Belt and Road countries including Afghanistan and South Asian Countries, Zhang talked about dynamic opportunities in Gaoling, a city with “unique natural geographical environment and profound historical and cultural accumulation”.

He said that Gaoling is the hub of China’s modern agriculture and has a history of 6,000 years.

The city has optimized and modernized the traditional farming techniques that it inherited from its primitive inhabitants. Gaoling is also an eye-catching tourist hub with unique natural geographical environment and profound historical and cultural accumulation.

One of the district attractions of the city, he remarked, is the Jing River and Wei River which meet in Gaoling, “forming a clear and distinct natural landscape connotation of the city”.

The city is close to the famed Xi’an city and it is easy for tourists to pay a visit to beautiful scenery and natural spots in Gaoling, he said.

Zhang hinted at the city’s plan to attract more international attention to Shaanxi province and Gaoling city, fully display its new features and interpret its cultural richness.

Speaking about the history of farming and its transformation, Zhang said that Gaoling’s farming culture industrial park represents the ancient agriculture of 5,000-year civilization. “Moreover, there are 570 industrial enterprises in Gaoling, 157 of which are cultural-oriented,” he said.

The week-long trip to Xi’an and its districts has been arranged for 15 foreign journalists from BRI countries as part of the programme entitled “Witness the 70-year Evolution of China’s Shaanxi,’ – journalists from the Belt and Road Countries Convene in Shaanxi”.

Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee Network Office, Shaanxi Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Xi’an Municipal Party Committee Network Office, Xi’an Yanta District Party Committee, and Xi’an People’s Government have jointly arranged the programme.

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