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China pledges additional 200 tons of food to quake victims

KABUL: Following a devastating earthquake in southeast Afghanistan, China has contributed tens of tons of food aid to quake survivors as part of its effort to help thousands in despair in Paktika and Khost provinces. At least 1,100 people were killed and thousands more were injured in the 6.1 magnitude quake, leaving thousands in need for immediate humanitarian aid.

Wang Yu, China’s ambassador to Kabul, at a joint press conference with the State Ministry of Disaster Management said that China has provided 320 tons of food to earthquake-affected families and will provide 200 more in the near future.

At a press conference in Kabul, Chinese Ambassador Wang Yu blamed the United States for the ongoing instability in Afghanistan and said that the United States was responsible for the current political and economic problems in Afghanistan.

Wang added that the United States was providing millions of dollars in aid to Ukraine, but had frozen Afghanistan’s wealth, which had pushed Afghans into poverty.

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