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China’s role vital for economic development of Afghanistan

“Afghan Bazaar is going to open soon in Beijing’

AT-KABUL: China has been ready all time for further commercial relations with Afghanistan, and indeed Afghan officials are making all out efforts to expand relations with friendly and brotherly country of China. It is widely believe that increasing trade relations with friendly country of China could address a number of Afghanistan’s demands through cross-border trade. The government of Afghanistan takes trade ties with China as a basic need for Afghanistan’s economic growth. Kabul and Beijing are time-tested friends. Aimed at further strengthening ties, the Afghan youth leaders had recently returned home from an official visit from China.

With eye-caching development in the both countries relations, the Confucius Institute at Kabul University organized the 2017 Afghan Youth Leader’s visit to China. The focal point of the visit was to have friendly exchanged over important issues between the two countries to promote mutual understanding. Also to have first hand information over the “Belt and Road” initiative that is very much important for Afghanistan. Despite several meeting with different Chinese officials, the Afghan Youth Leaders also visited Chinese Ministry of Commerce, in which plenty of discussions over trade were made.

Leading the Afghan Youth Leadership delegating, Mohammad Nasim Malekzai, Founder and Chairman of Afghanistan Business Council China, thanked ministry of commerce for fruitful opportunity to discuses important trade issues.

Malekzai informed of conference held in Kunming of China, where he represented the business council of Afghanistan’s private sectors in order to boost up trade deals.

“To have further trades, Afghan Bazaar that is exhibited Afghan products is going to be opened soon in Beijing, the capital city of China,” Malekzai added.

“I called on the Afghan businessmen and the representatives of the ministry of Afghanistan to participate in the exhibition of the Afghan export items under framework of Afghan Bazaar, which is going to be held soon in China,” he told Chinese officials in the meeting.

He furthered, “It was a very successful initiative that was realized with the cooperation of the Yunan provincial government and Yunan CCPIT.”

He added that such development wouldn’t be possible sans Chinese efforts in coordination with the Afghan government. “Business development between Kabul and Beijing is bringing relations at highest level.”

“I am the founder and chairman of Afghanistan Business Council China, and it couldn’t be happen without Chinese efforts and hard work for promoting economic cooperation between the two countries,” he added.

He further went on saying that it absolutely fortunate that Afghanistan and Chain are engaged in mutual cooperation in various areas. “Afghans are more than ever interested in presenting the best of their products to the Chinese markets.

From their part, Chinese official of the Ministry of Commerce showed strong induction to help promote Afghan products, and also support the Afghan government in boosting trades.

Mr. Zhang Pend, director of youth development of ministry of commerce, Liu Peng, deputy director of comprehensive department, Cao Jiang first secretary of department of foreign assistance, Liang Lianzi attach of department of outward investment and economic cooperation, Ling Xiao deputy director of Asian affairs department, Xiao Ran official director of agency for international economic cooperation, Li Junqiang General Manager international branch of China railway14th bureau group were present in the meeting, assuring Afghan Youth Leaders delegation of all out efforts for improving trade relations between the two states.

Chinese officials reiterated their country’s support in improving further economy ties with Afghanistan, and also putted weight behind Afghan Bazaar initiated by the Afghanistan Business Council China.

We are expecting to host a high-level Chinese government delegation in Afghanistan in near future, Malekazi said, adding that such event would defiantly help us to promote business relations between the two friendly countries.

The Afghan Youth Leaders’ from different organizations, including Presidential Palace, Chief Executive Office, official from National Security Adviser, Editor-in-Chief of Afghanistan Times, the leading daily English newspaper, Deputy Head of Kabul News , the leading TV channel, Ministry of Finance, and other governmental and none government offices left Kabul to Urumqi on 07th June 2017 and returned home on 24th June.

During our stay we met some Chinese company, Confucius Headquarters, Afghanistan Embassy in Beijing, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China, Xinhua News Agency, Chinese Academy of Social Science, Communist Youth League of China, visited Afghan students, visited Fudan University, Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Afghan businessmen doing business there. The Afghan youth leadership returned home with new experience from China, and indeed it was a great experience.

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