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Citizens Complain About Worn-Out Banknotes

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KABUL:  The use of worn-out banknotes has become challenging for the citizens particularly business-people as the banks exchange the banks purchase the worn-out banknotes with less prices.

The Chamber of Industries and Mines (ACIM) says that private and state-owned banks exchange six to eight afghani less per 100 Afs in old bills, which harms all traders and artisans.

“The sales of the country’s industrialists are in Afghan currency, and there is a big difference in the exchange of currency between six to eight afghani, which results in losses to the country’s industrialists,” said Sakhi Ahmad Payman, head of the Chamber of Industries and Mines.

The money-exchangers say that the amount of worn-out banknotes has recently spiked which also causes problems for them, while they are exchanging it with the banks. “Worn-out money has increased, this money does not work in the market at all,” said Mohammad Rahim, a money changer.

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