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Civil activists urge govt to stop Bad practice

AT-KABUL: A large number of civil society activists supported Khan Wali Adel, a young man from Paktia province who had launched a sit-in in Kabul to protest against the nefarious custom of Bad (an old practice of settling disputes) in the country.

To stand against Bad, and domestic disputes among families, Adel has camp in Darulaman Road. “I lost two member of family due to enmity between two tribes,” he said, adding that his two other family members were also received injuries.

Adel said that now his family wants to take ten girls in Baad from another tribe who killed their two family members. “Such infamous custom is against Islamic teachings,” Adel said referring to Baad.

The activities asked the government to interfere aimed at putting end to the two-tribe disputes and moreover, save the lives of ten girls who supposed to be taken as Baad. They civil activist also opposed the decision of Adel’s father who want to take ten girls in Baad, and asked the government for help in this regard. Terming Baad custom as one of the worst practice, the activist said that in order to solve enmity between two tribes, the poor girls must give sacrifices through worst practice of Baad.

Expressing their deep concerns regarding Baad custom, they said that taking ten girls as a Baad just because two people killed due to enmity between tribes, was totally against Islamic teachings. “It is ridiculous decision.”

BaqiSamandar, a member of civil society, pointed out that there was no willingness seems in the government to stop Baad custom. “And also the government is reluctant to stop those individuals who are attempting to give or take girls in Baad, the worst practice ever,” he added.

“Some of religious scholars are attending wedding party of those girls whoare given as Baad, which is against Islamic values,” he asserted, adding that according to Islam none can marry a girl against her well.

Another civil society member, HumairaSaqib, asked the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairsto ask the scholarsnot to participatein those weeding ceremonies that taking place based on Baad practice.

“Government should interfere in Adel’sfamily enmity as soon as possible toprevent 10 girls from becoming victim toward resolving murder case,” she mentioned.

Adel said that a few years ago his father give away his sisters in Baad and now his father wants to take 10 girls in Baad from another tribe in compensation for killing his brothers.

He asked thegovernment to pay attention over his family dispute, otherwise, he wouldcommittee suicide.

Baad is the custom of taking girls as payment for misdeeds committed by elders or their families in order to settle disputes among families.

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