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Civil Society doubts merit-based introduction of electoral commissioners

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KABUL: The Civil Society criticizes the introducing process of electoral commissioners, saying the commissioners are introduced by personal relationships.

Wahidullah Taroon a civil society activist said on Wednesday that people introduced for the posts are not professionals.

Taroon added that those who had friends or relatives in government were shortlisted and the rest were rejected.

“Four organizations can’t represent the whole nation, they can’t make the selection committee by themselves,” he said.

In a statement released in this regard, the civil society called on the government to pay attention to what people want.

According to the new election law the political parties and civil societies should offer a list of 90 people to the presidential office, and the president would appoint 13 people as the electoral commissioners and two others as the independent election commissions’ secretariat.

The civil society has introduced 15 individuals for the posts.

Meanwhile, Khalil Raoufi head of the selection committee of the civil society has said that they did not act lonely in introducing process of the electoral commissioners for the presidency.

“We have announced and asked the people to send their applications. If we have acted limitedly, we would never ask for applicants, make the selection committee and invite the organization regards with the election process” he said. “To prevent limitation we select only five people from civil society and the rest were election commission’s body and university instructors.”

The government was supposed to appoint election commissioners today (Wednesday) but the process has been put off due to some tentative reasons. 

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