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Civilian casualties down by 90pc in Kabul

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KABUL: The Afghan senior security officials said residents of Kabul—the most populated city, have suffered 90 percent less from terrorist acts during spring of this year comparing same period of last year.

National Security Council in a statement said as many as 40 people were killed in this year’s spring, while 422 people were killed during same period last year.

“The increase of operative operations, detention of illegal armed groups and individuals, and improvement of security summons have led to prevention of suicide bombings in Kabul,” said Kabir Haqmal, spokesperson for National Security Council. “It shows that the operation of security forces was effective.”

Mr. Haqmal said the security institutions continued efforts to increase capacity of intelligence sectors.

However, military experts blamed intelligence and security institutions for failing to prevent suicide attacks in the capital, Kabul.

Aziz Ahmad Tassal, who directs the Civilian Protection Advocacy Group, documented less civilian causality in the capital. “The issue of civilian casualty has been taken seriously,” said Mr. Tassal.

Despite the decrease of suicide bombing in urban areas, Mr. Tassal voiced concerns over the rise of airstrikes in rural areas, where civilians remained victims of the war.

National and International humanitarian organizations urged parties involved in the Afghan war to extreme cautions to avoid civilian causalities.

UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan reported 74 percent decrease of civilian causality, and still civilians remained pre victims to the war.

Crossfire, airstrikes, suicide bombings, roadside bombs, and target killings were factors behind civilian casualty in the country, according to U.N. in Afghanistan.

In 2018, U.N. documented a record high 10,993 civilian causality, out of which, 3,804 deaths and 7,189 injured.

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