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‘Civilian deaths spike as war escalates’

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KABUL: Intensifying of war by the government and armed opposition groups only claim the lives of civilian Afghans, say political and military analysts, who warn that the intensive war causes increase in civilian casualties.

President Ghani ordered army to change the war style by adopting offensive position against terrorist groups after a group of armed men stormed the Dasht-e-Barchi maternity hospital and killed more than 20 patients and health workers including newborn babies this week in Kabul.

The human rights bodies warn Ghani that his order would cause increase in civilian casualties.

The order was responded by Taliban who targeted an army base in Paktia province by a truck bomb that killed at least five and wounded another 15, according to ministry of defense.

Taliban have recently accelerated attacks on the security forces in different provinces despite signing a peace deal with the United States that persuades the militants to reduce violence.

The human rights bodies express concerns over the war intensifying, calling on the war parties to prevent civilian casualties.

The bodies specifically asked Taliban to take care of civilian lives during clashes.

Earlier, Russia had opposed Ghani’s order over army’s offensive position, warning that the order would hamper the ongoing peace efforts in the war-hit country.

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