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Civilians killed 15 Daesh militants in Nangarhar

AT News Report-KABUL:  A violent clash between civilians and Islamic State (IS), aka Daesh terrorists have been lead into killing of 15 Daesh militants in Achin district of eastern Nangarhar province, Nangarhar press office said in a statement on Saturday.

The statement added that the clash was occurred in Wachkot area of Achin district, adding that the clashes were erupted yesterday (Friday) afternoon at 3:00pm and finished 6:00pm.

According to the statement, 6 civilians including a woman have been killed and one other received injures in the clash.

Moreover, Provincial Governor Gulab Mengal has expressed his gratefulness and applauded to the civilian uprising against the Daesh terrorist group. He also revealed his thoughts and regret over civilian casualties.

The security forces were quickly responded to the situation and reached the area on time, in which the Daesh militants forced to flee the area.

Daesh militants have been using Achin including three other districts of Nangarhar province as a launching pad for their terrorist and destructive activities. Local people have been pestered enough of Daesh harsh and inhuman activities in the volatile districts. These cruel activities of Daesh have caused to the people uprising against this group and stand on the side of Afghan security forces. Prior to this more than 500 people in Pachiragam district were took weapons to fight Daesh militants. In addition to that the US forces were dropped a big non-nuclear bomb, called ‘mother of all bombs’ on the caves of Daesh terrorists in Achin district, which killed dozens of Daesh fighters. However, the continued terrorist activities in the district have given birth to several questions. So the Afghan security forces should strengthen and encourage the local uprising movement against Daesh to wipe out them. Close support and coordination between the local people and security forces is key to success against the insurgent groups in the area.


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