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Clashes in Ghazni displace 1,000 families

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KABUL: Intensive clashes between Taliban and government forces in Ghazni province have forced 1,000 families to flee their villages, officials confirm.

The incident took place in the Qara Bagh district where Taliban carried out massive attack on the district center, provincial officials said Monday.

Wahed Jomazada, provincial spokesman, said that the displaced people are from nine villages where the militants use houses and residential areas as trenches.

According to Jomazada, 150 of the displaced families entered the provincial capital of the same name and received first aids and sheltered in the Islamic Culture Center.

Taliban launched attacks on Qara Bagh district from multi directions last week, with provincial officials saying that the insurgents try to take control of district center.

According to Jomazada, government forces prevent Taliban’s advancement and the attackers suffered great casualties.

No casualty of security forces was reported, but two civilians were injured in a roadside bomb blast on Saturday, according to local officials.

The Qara Bagh residents say that the district has been besieged by Taliban since last weeks and people’s access to foodstuff was limited.All schools and high schools are closed and tens of hundreds of students are deprived from education.

Taliban did not immediately comment on the reports.

Qara Bagh is located some 55 kilometers from provincial capital ad lies along the Kabul-Herat highway.

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