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Clerics: Overseas-based people oppose peace efforts

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KABUL: Religious scholars emphasize on acceleration of peace efforts, calling peace a necessity for the people of Afghanistan.

In a gathering held Sunday in Kabul city, religious scholars said that only those people oppose peace process whose families are living in foreign countries.

They emphasized that peace backers should be separated from anti-peace persons, calling on both the government and Taliban to resolve problems on the way of their mutual-understanding by intra-Afghan talks.

The clerics called for strength of peace, saying peace was the most important and necessary for people who have suffered from four-decade of war.

They called on Taliban and government to respect each other’s viewpoints and conditions to put an end to the imposed war on their own people.

The religious scholars said those who are standing against peace efforts, are based in foreign countries and do not realize the importance of peace for their country and people.

They urged that bloodshed in Afghanistan should be stopped and a lasting peace was needed. The clerics asked the government and Taliban to stop immediately fighting and come to peace.

The religious scholars also released a resolution that said nobody was allowed to use the national process of peace for his personal projects and interests.

The resolution called on the regional and international clerics involved in Afghan peace program to share their efforts with the people and clerics of Afghanistan.

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