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Clerics support inclusion of mothers’ names on ID cards

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KABUL: A few clerics announced support of the inclusion of mother’s name in the national ID card, a controversial issue with some supporters and many opponents.

President Ashraf Ghani approved a draft presented by the civil society to include mother’s name in ID card.

“My mother’s name is Amena and I am proud to be her son. She raised and fed me. She was very kind to me. I made troubles for her, but she was nice to me. I kiss her hands,” said Maulavi Wahid Mohmand.

He added that this is mother’s right to be known by her own identity.

Shams Rahman Ferotan, another cleric, doesn’t consider the issue “necessary”, but says it didn’t have juridical problems to include the names of mothers.

“My opinion is that if someone wants to include his/her mother’s name in the ID card, it doesn’t have legal problem, but meanwhile, it is not necessary to do so. The ID is a document by which people are identified.”

A large number of religious scholars had earlier opposed the inclusion of mother’s name in the ID card, with Sayed Akbar Agha, a former Taliban commander calling it as “unchastely”.

But Ferotan said that many of Prophet Mohammad’s companions had taken the names of their wives and daughters.

“I don’t care if the entire world calls me zealless and coward, I still declare that my mother’s name is Amena,” said Mullah Mohmand.

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