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Climate change affects Afghanistan

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KABUL: The National Environment Protection Bureau (NEPB) has accused the government of weak management regarding most important issues of climate changes in Afghanistan, saying that the region has been seriously affected.

“Because of weak management of the government, the developed countries have not invested in the climate changes and environmental problems,” officials said at the NEPB.

Meanwhile, the state ministry for natural disasters said that over 400,000 people have been displaced due to drought and climate changes in Afghanistan.

The less developed countries, including Afghanistan have no rule in the aspect of climate changes but these countries are still vitally affected at this point.

The NEPB said that Afghanistan is the on the top of the countries that have been affected by the climate changes.

In 2015, the NEPB said the developed countries have pledged to donate 100 million dollars per year to the back warded countries to counter the crisis of climate changes and reduce the production of green houses, but due to weak management of the government the Afghanistan receives a very less amount of aids.

The climate changes are considered one of the greatest challenges currently in the world and to overcome it, the state ministry for natural disasters said the public awareness programs are needed to be launched.

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