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Collapse of Kunduz: CMSJ urges disclosure of findings

KABUL: The Civil Movement of Social Justice (CMSJ), a civil society organization, asked the government to make public the results of investigation into the September 28 collapse of Kunduz city to the Taliban.

Ahmad Zaki, a member of CMSJ, asked President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani the other day to disclose the findings.

He said that classifying the investigation team’s findings would increase trust deficit between the government and public further, adding that it would also question credibility of the National Unity Government (NUG). Zaki further said that it would also hurt morale of the security forces who are bravely defending the country and rendering matchless sacrifices.

Responding to a question, he said the CMSJ along with other organizations would go on strike if the government did not make public the results.

Zaki alleged that some officials of the previous government and foreign spy agencies were behind the delay as they did not want to disclose the findings in order to defame the NUG further.

“Surely, there are some people in the government who are behind the collapse of Kunduz. They do not want to tell about the real factors,” said Ainuddin Baig, an executive member of the CMSJ.

He said that if the government is unwilling to disclose the findings then the probe team should do so, because public want to know that how the Taliban had taken control of Kunduz.

Criticizing the government for providing misinformation on security situation of the restive Kunduz province, he said the Taliban still had presence in some districts of the province, though the authorities claimed clearing the entire province from insurgents.

It is worth mentioning that President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani appointed a five- member fact finding team on October 12 to investigate the collapse of Kunduz city. The team is headed by the ex-chief of the National Directorate of Security Amrullah Saleh.

After establishment, the team promised to share details with the public within three weeks.

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