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Comment: TTP boasts of test-firing missile

By Mansoor Faizy: As soon as China announced an investment worth $46 billion in Pakistan, the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed to have successfully test fired its first indigenously developed missile name as “Omar-1”.  To substantiate their claim the TTP group which is currently at war with Pakistani troops in the volatile tribal regions bordering Afghanistan, has issued a statement and posted a video indicating the launch of the missile. In the video, different parts of the missile were assembled before its launch.

“It can easily be assembled and dismantled in accordance to the situation,” said Muhammad Khurassani, the TTP spokesman. He also said that by launching this special-designed missile they could target their enemy effectively. “With the grace of God, you’ll soon see our enemies on the run,” he said.

The engineering unit of the TTP has the capability to develop modern lethal weapons, Khurassani said. “We are training our fighters to get maximum results from the use of technology, including suicide vests, suicide vehicles, hand grenades, anti-jammer devices and so on,” the statement added.

Since Pakistan’s military failed to have arrested or killed any high profile militant leaders, and as well as its’ so-called operations against insurgents, it’s not a shocking news at all.  Though Pakistani security officials claimed that around 2000 insurgents were killed, most of regions retaken from militants, but amid these claims, how the TTP got space to make such missile at a time when military operations were going on.  Suppose they did, could they clear the source from where they purchased its needed materials to make this missile. Whose hand is behind this? Iran, Pakistan or there is a third party covertly supporting them? If Iran supported them in their deadliest mission, Pakistan and Afghanistan including international community must launch massive military operation before they could fire any missile on any country. If Iran didn’t, instead Pakistan did, the Iran and Afghanistan must join hands and carry out blitzkrieg before the TTP could use these missiles. Whoever has supported the TTP but one thing is quite clear that TTP will not hesitate to target their supporters. Because they have a quite visible record of switching sides and affiliations. Even they don’t spare women and children.

Though Pakistan’s security forces brought TTP under massive military pressure after Peshawar school carnage, but still it is hard to reject the involvement of Pakistan’s Inter- Services Intelligence ISI behind such a move to enable the TTP to have missiles. Since ISI has been historically supporting militants under one name or the other, with different motives and being omnipresent in the region, it’s beyond acceptance that the TTP manufactured the missiles without ISI’s knowledge. Moreover, Pakistan’s tribal belt has already become a training and ideological school for militants from across the region, including China and Central Asian Republics.

Therefore, to tackle this menace along regional countries, Russia and China must do something otherwise the circumstance would be too awful even to think. Afghans have been bearing the brunt the war since long time but this time extreme has happened.

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