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Commission discussing date of elections

AT New Report-KABUL: The independent election commission says that the exact date for the parliamentary and district councils elections is yet to be set and discussions on this are still going on.

Maazullah Dawlati, an official of the commission said Saturday that technical and logistical works are “still underway” and this would cause a two-month delay for the election that was already announced for July.

“We will share our programs with the government and the international donors over the exact date of the election and after that, we will announce the date,” Dawlati said.

The registration process that was expected to begin in November last year, has been postponed for April due to unpreparedness, according to the election commission.

The electoral watchdogs blame the electoral bodies for not working enough to hold a timely election.

“Technical programs for the registration process are going on very slowly. Employment for the process has not done yet and training the new employees gets more time. The government has been unsuccessful for the national consensus and consultation with the political parties,” said Jandad Spinghar, an expert.

But the government officials including President Ghani have promised to hold the election “on time”.

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