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Concerning blood cancer among children

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KABUL: Ministry of Public Health says it was concerned about the increasing blood cancer among children.

Lotfullah, 12, has blood cancer and is under treatment in the Indira Gandhi children hospital in Kabul.

Lotfullah who comes from Badghis province in the northwest, has stopped going to school after studying until fifth grade.

“First, I felt pain in my arms and legs. I came from Badghis to Herat province, there doctors said that my blood was microbial. Then I came to Kabul and I am now hospitalized in the children hospital for seven months. My family spent 500,000 Afs for my treatment and I have been vaccinated for nine times so far. The last one is left and I will be checked after that for the result,” Lotfullah said.

His mother says that the vaccine costs a lot and out of their ability.

Children from different provinces are hospitalized in the Indira Gandhi children hospital.

Hamidullah, 15, is another patient who has lost his hairs and eyelids. His face explains how hard days he has spent. He has been hospitalized there for five months and has come from northeastern province of Takhar.

“Now, I am a bit better than the past, but when I walk, I get asthma and my chest begins aching,” he said.

Dr. Mohammad Aref Hassanzai, said that the blood cancer in children is curable if it is diagnosed timely.

Separately, Mihan Abdullah, head of cancer department in the ministry of public health, said that the children hospital receives 10 to 15 children affected by blood cancer every day.

“We are working to more equip and support the cancer ward in the Indira Gandhi children hospital,” said Abdullah.

He called air pollution, unhealthy foodstuff, smoke and gunpowder used by weapons as the main elements of blood cancer that targets mostly children.

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