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Concerns over communication disruption on election day

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KABUL: Officials in the independent election commission express concerns over disruption in the communication system today (the election day) as Taliban earlier threatened to disrupt the process.

The militants have also threatened communication networks would be targeted if they refuse to accept their demands.

Electoral officials said on Friday that if communication system was disrupted on the election day, it would make big challenges for the counting process.

They said that voting centers in provinces and districts would send the votes to the headquarters by internet, and if internet goes down, the process would be delayed.

Esmatollah Mal, deputy director of the election commission, said that communication disrupt would make big problems in counting of votes.

“I hope it doesn’t take place, but if it does, the voting would not be hurt, just the results would be announced later,” said Mal.

Taliban had warned people not to go to polling centers as they would target them.

Ministry of telecommunication and information technology had earlier said that communication services were stopped at nights in 18 provinces due to Taliban threats.

The provinces are Baghlan, Kunduz, Takhar, Badakhshan, Jawzjan, Sar-e-Pul and Uruzgan.

“All the telecommunication networks are committed to continue services despite threats because of the importance of election process,” Sher Shah Nawabi, deputy telecommunication minister said.

The possible disrupt in communication system has become a matter of concern for journalists too, as they are feared they would be unable to convey reports about elections.

The fourth presidential election is set to be held today across the country. Some 10 million voting qualified people have registered to vote.

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