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Conflicting reports over district collapse to Taliban in Kunduz

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KABUL: Local officials in northern Kunduz province said that Dasht-e-Archi district of the province has fallen to the Taliban. Kunduz provincial council member, Mohammad Yusuf Ayoubi said that drastic conflicts have been erupted between the Afghan security forces and Taliban since past several days. He said that the Taliban intensified its offensive on Monday. “Almost 90 percent of the district was under the Taliban’s control,” he added. “In the recent attacks of the Taliban, the rest areas were also fallen into the militants; all of the security forces are out of the district.”

But, Provincial Governor Spokesman Abdulsatar Meerzikwal said that the security forces were settled in the area, protecting the people from the Taliban’s attacks.

“The reinforcement commando forces were brought to the area by Air Force,” he said. “I can assure you that the Taliban are defeated.” The ministry of defense said in a statement that the Afghan commandos carry out operations at the outskirt of the district. “These areas will be cleared from Taliban and the security situation will be stabilized soon,” the statement added.

According to the reports, at least three Afghan security forces lost their lives at the line of duty and eight others were wounded. The reports said that 13 militants were also killed in the clashes.

The Taliban has recently escalated its hostility across the country. The Afghan government blames the group for being reluctant towards the peace process. The intra-Afghan negotiations, which were initially expected to reach a comprehensive ceasefire, are heading nowhere so far.

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