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Conflicts displace 300 families in Badakhshan

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KABUL: At least 300 families have fled their homes in Badakhshan as violence is escalating in the northeastern province that borders Pakistan, China and Tajikistan.

The displacement this time takes place in the provincial capital of Faizabad city, provincial officials say.

The provincial department of refugees and repatriates, said Sunday that clashes have taken place between government forces and Taliban fighters during the past week.

The people displaced from Police District 9 where clashes are going on and took refuge to secure areas.

They said that Taliban fire on government forces from residential areas and the security forces attack their houses in return.

Aziz Mohammad is one of the displaced who fled his house along with wife and five children.

“The war began and our houses were showered by bullets and nothing was left. Taliban entrenched just behind my house and the government forces target my house to target Taliban and we were forced to flee,” said the 66 years old resident of Faizabad city.

“We were sandwiched between Taliban fighters and government forces. We fled just with our clothes. I am hungry for more than 24 hours,” said Nafisa, a lady displaced from Faizabad.

Qudratullah, a local official said that 400 people from seven villages fled to secure areas.

“The displaced urgently need shelters, tents, medical first aids and potable water as well as clothes,” said Abdul Wahed Tayyebi, head of provincial refugees and repatriates department.

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