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Construction of Badakhshan dam stopped

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KABUL: The work of construction of a hydropower dam has been stopped in the northeastern province of Badakhshan, people and civil society say.

Construction of the Shorabak dam on the Kokcha River began two years back in the provincial capital of Faizabad city and was expected to produce 7.5 megawatt electricity to enlighten 10,000 houses in the city.

Feka, a Turkish construction company contracted for the project had promised to complete it by June this year, but the practical work was stopped, causing criticism of civil society, Radioazadi reported.

Ajmal Darwish, a civil society activist, said that the company had decreased its workers and stopped working. “The company told us of its problems in visa issuance and custom duties. We managed to resolve the problems with the help of lawmakers and provincial officials. Now they have no problem and the contracted company is a problem itself,” Darwish said Wednesday.

Hayatollah Qoraishi, a resident of Faizabad said that they were disappointed by the company that had promised people to bring electricity to their houses by June. “People hoped for the Shorabak dam. Its work should have been completed one month ago, but the company stopped it by different excuses.”

Mohammad Zakaria Soda, provincial governor, quoted the company as saying that turbines and other equipment needed for the project were kept in the border points. He rejected the excuse as incorrect.

“Officials assured us that no equipment of the Shorabak dam was kept in the ports. I am in contact with the boss of the Turkish company to resolve the problem.”

He said that the dam construction was almost completed and only the turbines should be installed.

The Feka company has not commented.

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